Entertainment & IP Counsel

We are an intellectual property & entertainment law firm.

We help, launch, defend and protect corporate and entertainer brands in the two billion channel digital jungle!

ZipCounsel Program – Have your own Business, IP & Entertainment Corporate Counsel for as low as $125 to get started!!  Yes, this is a REAL LAW FIRM and not a document preparation service!

We can help you register your copyrights and trademarks and launch and protect your brand,  We have corporate legal and business services that your company needs, at affordable prices.

For as low as $125 you can retain legal counsel to help you with your IP & entertainment law legal questions.  You buy the tokens and pick the legal services you want!  If you need just a quick consultation, you can spend just a few tokens.  If you need contracts drafted or reviewed (for example, a work-for-hire consultation or contract) then you buy that service.  Bank the tokens you don’t use and spend your tokens whenever you need legal services.  Cash out any time you want.  No contracts, no fuss, no outrageous legal bills!

How does work?

Token-based legal services.  You buy tokens and use them when you need them.

Having a corporate counsel should be affordable.  We are BUSTING the legal molds wide open here at Vondran Law and we offer your own personal outsourced general corporate legal counsel program for as low as $395 per month.  It’s super easy.  Depending on which level of service you require, you get a set number of tokens (you can raise or lower these each month as you are never bound by any contracts).  You use the tokens to purchase legal services from our menu.  We send you an itemized accounting of each month’s services.  If you don’t use tokens, you get to carry them over to the next month to use when needed.  That’s what we like to call Vondeezy, law made easy!

ZipCounsel makes a great gift for your new grads and startup companies.  Ask us how you can give the gift of ZipCounsel!  We can also create custom quotes depending on the size and needs of your organization.

TOKENS (Reload anytime you want):

Plan 1 ($125) – you get 5 tokens

Plan 2 ($295) – you get 20 tokens

Plan 3 ($399) – BRAND-LAUNCHER

Plan 4 ($495) – you get 50 tokens

Plan 5 ($795) – you get 100 tokens


Vondran Law Corporate Legal services (other services available upon request)

  1. 15 minute legal consultation – (3 tokens)
  2. 30 minute legal consultation (5 tokens)
  3. 1 hour legal consultation (7 tokens)
  4. Contract review (up to 10 pages) (5 tokens)
  5. Contract review (10-25 pages) (10 tokens)
  6. Trademark name search (7 tokens)
  7. Internet defamation “take down” letter (5 tokens)
  8. Digital advertising review (3 tokens)
  9. Form new DBA (3 tokens)
  10. Form new corporation (5 tokens)
  11. Trademark registration (10 tokens)
  12. Copyright registration (5 tokens)
  13. Crowdfunding consultation (5 tokens)
  14. Podcasting consultation (3 tokens)
  15. Trademark parody consultation (3 tokens)
  16. Non-disclosure agreement (5 tokens)
  17. Work-for-hire agreement (5 tokens)
  18. Copyright assignment contract (5 tokens)
  19. UDRP domain dispute (20 tokens)
  20. MusicLawyer package – submit to industry (20 tokens)
  21.  Corporate intellectual property audit (100 tokens)
  22. Intellectual property small claims advice

Click here to learn more about our $399 Brand Launcher Program!

Note: any service that has a governmental filing fee, the customer agrees to pay the filing fees.  We will let you know in advance the amount of the fees.

Any tokens that are not used can be cashed out.
Tokens may be able to be used with other law firms who sign up for our Legal Tokens network.

 Call us at (877) 276-5084 to get started.

- Attorney Steve -

Your outsourced business & IP legal counsel