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Welcome to The Law Offices of Steven C. Vondran, P.C..  We are a business and real estate focused law firm that focuses predominantly on representing real estate investors (ex. 1031 exchanges), developers (ex. zoning and entitlements), brokers (ex. compliance and accusations), homeowners (ex. predatory lending), and companies that need land use entitlement in the state of Arizona.  We also handle general business matters ranging from transactional to business litigation. Whether you are in need of business or real estate transactional law, contracts, real estate broker compliance, or dispute resolution – we’ve got your back!

Attorney Steve Vondran (“Attorney Steve”) has been servicing clients in Arizona (Lic.#025911) and California (Lic.#232337) for many years.  We understand the business and real estate challenges you face and we have a passion for creative and cost-effective problem solving.  Attorney Steve has previously earned real estate broker licenses in both California and Arizona.  He has experience in mortgage lending, residential and commercial real estate and he can help you navigate legal issues that affect your real property or other real estate business issues you may be facing.

When you are looking for a law firm focused in real estate law, we truly believe we are the best choice.  Sure, there are other “big firms” where you can expect to pay “big bills” to retain their services and you can expect less than responsive services.  We don’t believe in that.  In fact, our core principles are to strive to keep legal costs as low as possible and to communicate with you in a way that helps you understand your case so you can make the crucial business or real estate decisions that need to be made.  We also take very serious our role as real estate legal advisor, and our responsibility to communicate with you as effectively as possible and to return your calls promptly.  To put it another way, we are a law firm that believes in putting “customer service” first as opposed to being the firm you can never seem to get in touch with.

We provide many of our services by phone, fax, email, text messaging, and skype and we are constantly finding new ways to use technology to improve the delivery of legal services. In fact, the use of technology and our social media marketing efforts is likely the main reason you were able to find our website.  If you were referred by a friend, or past client, we welcome you to our family and we thank you for stopping by.  We are a firm committed to using technology to improve your experience in working with us.  We understand that legal issues can be frustrating to deal with, and we seek to take the pain out of the process in an efficient, and cost-effective manner as possible.

Steve Vondran, Esq. (“Attorney Steve”)  is licensed to practice law in California and Arizona and is licensed to practice before all State and most Federal Courts of each state.  He has appeared as a legal analyst on the Fox News channel discussing real estate issues on three separate occasions.  He is a former professional baseball player and played three years in the Cincinatti Reds organization.  His sports philosophies and work ethic have carried into his practice of real estate law, and he understands the importance of robust, yet ethical, competition and he will do everything possible to succeed in your case.  If you are looking to hire a real estate law firm that is passionate about fighting for your legal rights, and striving to help you succeed in your business and real estate matters, give us a call at (877) 276-5084.

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Thank you, and we look forward to working with you.

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